Growing up my mother had taught me how to gather flowers and present them in a way that put a smile on my face and made me feel special. They were beautiful. They were simple. They were elegant. And the feelings I have just thinking about them will still stay with me forever.

There is nothing like that feeling of love or care that is expressed with a beautiful flower. 

It's perfect. It's natural. 

My mission at MILA Fleurs is to create that same, beautiful experience for you. 

MILA Fleurs is a Flower Lab. We are local. Our flower boxes are unique. We are affordable, convenient, and easy to work with. Each creation is customized, beautiful, meaningful, and can't be beat.  

If you care about someone, if you love them, if you want to say "Thank You", or if you want your message to be special and to stand out, let us create a flower box for you. 

My loving mother inspired me to bring MILA Fleurs to life. Let our flower boxes be the inspiration for the person you are thinking of...